My name is David Pierson, and I now work in I.T. This website was constructed while I was a student, studying at Central Queensland University and I had an interest in computers, programming, web design, video and photography. I am now concentrating on my new business, with the focus on producing high quality Videography and Photograhpy. I am very devoted in the work I do, and I am always looking forward to undertaking new projects for potential clients. By doing this work, I am always learning new techniques, while at the same time, producing high quality products. For shooting, I use high quality HD cameras, a tripod and a range of other filming aids, to produce very high quality work. For post production, I use an Intel i7 computer.
David Pierson

NAME: David Pierson David Pierson
EMAIL: [email protected]
WEBSITE: David Pierson Films: David Pierson Films
Stritec Software:
Flickr: http:[email protected]/
LOCATION: Maryborough, Queensland Australia
QUALIFICATION: Completed: Certificate III in Multimedia
Completed: Bachelor Of Digital Innovation
SKILLS: Videography, Photography, Web Design, Software Development, 3D Modelling, CAD, Animation, Graphics and most Camera and Computer operations.
SOFTWARE : Photoshop, AfterEffects, Premier, Encore, Audition, Flash, 3D Studio Max, Auto CAD, ProDesktop, Dreamweaver, Visual Basic, Blitz Basic and most other software.

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